Recovering Vitality

Functional Medicine is a blend of conventional medical knowledge and science based natural and alternative treatments. Any kind of illness is a sign that there is imbalance within the body systems.

These systems are generally divided into:

  • Catabolic – breaking down the body
  • Anabolic – building and repairing the body

The stress of daily life breaks down the body but with a healthy diet, proper rest and normal hormone balance, the body is able to repair itself. In times that we are not getting adequate rest or nutrition and our hormones are failing, the repair mechanisms cannot keep up with the breaking down of the mechanisms; fatigue, illness, and aging are the result. This is the simplified but general principle that the doctor works with when helping patients recover their vitality. Dr. Dionne works with the body to support its own ability to repair itself.

It is remarkable how, when you give the body the substrate it needs to function, such as water, protein, vitamins, minerals, and hormones, it knows exactly what to do in order to restore balance and health. First, it has to be determined why there is lack of vitality and where imbalance exists. Then, treatments are initiated to try to restore the balance.

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