About Dr. Dionne

After graduating from UBC Medical School in 1991, Dr. Dionne spent twelve years in family practice. During this time she established a solid foundation in evidence-based medical knowledge. In 2003, she began studying evidence-based natural medicine and is now delighted to be able to provide the best of both worlds.

Conventional Western Medicine & Natural Medicine Together

Dr. Dionne has studied with the Institute of Functional Medicine and, in 2009, she completed the Advanced Fellowship in Functional and Anti-aging Medicine through the American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine. The fundamental concept of functional medicine is this:

The whole body must be considered if true healing is to occur, and the treatments that work best are those that help restore the body’s ability to heal itself. This healing process is achieved by implementing a careful balance of lifestyle corrections, vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements, and in some cases, bioidentical hormones.

Dr. Dionne knows the importance of balance. Outside her work, she spends her time in a variety of activities and often begins and ends her day with meditation. She delights in her grandchildren and enjoys trips to the West Kootenays to visit family. She loves the outdoors and her favorite activities include hiking, skiing, snowshoeing and kayaking. She approaches her own life with the same philosophy she uses in her practice:

We no longer have to feel old as we age. There are many healthy and safe options for restoring function and vigour.

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